• Impressões glasstec
  • Impressões glasstec



20. - 10-20-2020





A few years ago to this part, "glass technology live" has established itself as one of the main attractions in the forefront of Glasstec International Fair. The presentation of the international symposium aimed at various specializations is considered as a driving force in the definition of trends for the Glass Industry sector. In 2020, products and visionaries of research, design and development of the glass sector are presenting the latest innovations and solutions of the present and future. "Intelligent Glass" is the theme on which innovation and development will be presented and demonstrated its future orientation of the potential of this transparent material.



The International Fair in the area of ​​pavilion 11 will present all relevant and specific fields of application for the use of Glass in buildings. Through the example of large facades and modules 1 to 1, new technologies for production, innovations for the functional glass sector, as well as presentation of Glass as final product.


One of the focuses of the Special Certame will be the application of thin glass technologies, the handling and handling of large units and high geometric complexity as well as the efficiency of product features. This diversification in the sector is accompanied by the latest research and development carried out in the glass sector, as well as design and aesthetics.


This special Certame is prepared and designed by the University of Stuttgart, chair 2 of the Building Construction Institute, led by Professor Behling.


See the most relevant topics


Intelligent Glass and adapted facade systems

New techniques in glass design and processing

Innovations in the area of ​​Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic, in part through the integration of high technology products

Ongoing developments in manufacturing and manufacturing processes

Applications of thin glass technologies: Handling of large units and geometric complexity and the savings of products and resources that follow.